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Prewired Bungalows and Cases


When Track Shacks was founded in November of 2002, we set out to become the leader in quality prewired bungalows (houses) for highway crossings and wayside signaling. Track Shacks offers prewired houses designed according to our plans or built to your specifications. We can order the material for your project or use material supplied by you. While our company is new you can count on the expertise of our employees to perform affordable quality work in a timely fashion. Our employees have a combine experience of 20+ years working in the railway industry. Our wiring staff is supervised by our shop engineer who coordinates material delivery with shop production. All of the equipment used by Track Shacks, most of which is relatively new or refurbished, is certified to industry standards where appropriate (e.g. crimpers and multi meters). Each house is pre-tested by our engineer for proper operation prior to delivery. Our quality control personnel thoroughly inspect our houses to ensure they are delivered without defects. The Track Shacks facilities are designed to handle several customer orders simultaneously.

enlarge This is a typical layout of a pull box (Hoffman box). This particular example, found in a bungalow,  highlights the quality of Track Shacks craftsmen. 

This view of a bungalow shows the Square D breaker box, pull box, NRS charger, and wire trays. Throughout the wiring process the diligence of Track Shacks' craftsmen  insures no wires are chafed, cut, or damaged during installation. 

A view of a wall board from a bungalow. This example illustrates how we run AC, separately from DC, in shielded flex conduit to lessen noise (interference).

This view of a terminal board shows the typical layout when using solid state equipment  (XLC, VLG, VRD, and LRP). We can easily adapt a terminal board to fit customer requirements. 

The back side of a terminal board. We use plastic wire duct to provide wire ways for DC based circuits. For AC based circuits we maintain a separate wire way, usually shielded flex conduit, up until the point of termination. 



When quality counts - count on Track Shacks!


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