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Management and Engineering

A logical outgrowth of Track Shacks Inc. wiring business has been the addition of signal material management and signal engineering services.


Signal Material Management
One of the most complex aspects of any railway signal project can be the management of materials. Hundreds of parts alone can go into a railroad crossing signal bungalow! With multiple vendors supplying parts keeping up with material quickly becomes an arduous task. Busy railroads and railroad contractors cannot afford to squander resources and employees attempting to locate, purchase, and track material. Not only does one have to contend with the paper work and material cost associated with managing the material you also have to store this material until its ready to use! You need a company who can provide a single source of parts for your signal project. Track Shacks, Inc. is capable of handling projects ranging from simple single track grade crossings to complex signal construction projects. Depending on your requirements Track Shacks, Inc has at its disposal a number of methods to provide your signal related materials. Track Shacks, Inc. can provide materials for your projects or we can warehouse your materials. For those who wish to write only one purchase order for the materials in a project Track Shacks, has the ability to be a single source provider! 


Signal Engineering
Adding to the complexity of any railroad signal project is finding a experienced, capable, and qualified staff to handle the engineering aspect of your signal project. Track Shacks Inc. has the ability to be your signal source for railroad signal design. Depending on your requirements Track Shacks can provide a complete generic signal design package or provide a package custom tailored to meet your needs. Track Shacks Inc. employs the services of  numerous individuals with years of design and construction experience. We can handle projects from simple single track grade crossings to complex signal construction projects.

Important Notice

The overall design is a critical portion of any railroad signal project. While you may be tempted to cut costs by utilizing the services of the cheapest designer you can find, you must be aware this often compromises your design quality.

Don't compromise the design of your next signal project by basing your decision simply on cost. Track Shacks Inc. can provide you quality that's affordable!





When quality counts - count on Track Shacks!



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